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Who Doesn't Love Beer???

Beer is beloved and only continues to grow throughout America. It seems like a new craft brewer is opening up every week here in Colorado (and we love it). But beer isn't just found in the glass anymore, beer themed items surround our everyday life. So it makes sense a beer flavored lip balm would hop on the beer train. When we first launched this flavor we passed samples around to our team and their families. The overwhelming response was, "beer, that's awesome!" Obviously, some people were skeptical, but they were still fascinated by it! They would stare at it for awhile, sniff it, and then put some on so they could try to taste it. This is why beer flavored lip balm is such a great promotional product. Whether or not they like the idea people will still look and give it a try. Exposing your company to a wide audience and making a lasting impression on them. Best of all you don't need to be a brewer for this product to work with your marketing campaign. There are countless areas this product can shine, golf tournaments, food/city events (Taste of Fort Collins), college campuses, and so much more! Ask us for ideas on how to incorporate it into your next marketing idea.

Print Calendars Are Still King  

We've all seen it, technology comes along and can make things obsolete pretty quick. This isn't the case though with print calendars, they still own the calendar world. Here are some interesting facts from our association (PPAI), "Despite a heavy reliance on computers and cell phones, nearly 80 percent of survey respondents said they prefer printed calendars for scheduling and record-keeping and more than 60 percent said they have at least one advertising calendar in their home or office...Additionally, 82 percent said they enjoyed receiving advertising calendars, which further substantiates the advertising calendars’ place alongside other mainstream promotional items."  Not to mention calendars have some of the highest frequency of use among promotional products and one of the longest life spans in the industry. In addition to literally having thousands of options, styles, and layouts we guarantee there is a perfect calendar to properly and effectively promote your business, especially, with our in house graphic design studio!

 Don't Overlook the Details!

When doing custom embroidery and printing on products no detail should be overlooked. An obvious statement when dealing with our industry, but something that is overlooked by many. Digitization for embroidery is one of those details commonly overlooked by professionals and customers alike. Industrial embroidery is a lot more complex than simply putting a logo or other artwork into a machine and it doing the rest... although, we sometimes wish it were like that. Basically, digitization for embroidery instructs the machine on what to do and where to place the thread; making it one of (if not the most) important steps to insure the highest quality embroidery. This takes talent and a lot more human instruction than people suspect. Unfortunately, some see this as a cost cutting corner and choose not to invest in the means for the best embroidery or outsource to cheaper places (while charging the same) producing lower quality files. We know when you order you want it yesterday, but at Arete Branding we will take the time necessary to do the best digitization possible, like the logos here and in our gallery. Not only do you get a free sew out to see how it looks before we place it on product you also get free revisions and of course the highest quality end product people expect from Arete Branding! As we often say it's more than simply printing on a product.